Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 207 of 365

Decided to get outside today and stretch my legs a little since I find myself spending most of my photography time in the garage hunched over a table in the corner coming up with odd and abstract creations. I fully intended on doing some street photography but while walking to a spot I wanted to sit and just observe what was going on around me and take a few photos in the process I stopped to look at some flowers.

While looking at the flowers I noticed bees, lots of bees flying about landing on the flowers and collecting pollen. I've never had good success taking photos of bees or butterflies so thought I'd sit there for a bit and see what I could photograph. I thankfully brought my 70-300mm macro lens with me so put that on and waited for a bumblebee to land on the nearest flower. Instead a butterfly landed and started posing for me. I finally have my butterfly shot.
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