Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 189 of 365

After playing with the embroidery hoops last night I thought I'd play with them again tonight. A while back I was playing with open shutter zoom, which is using a long shutter setting (this was 4 seconds) and zooming in and out while the shutter was open. Last time I did the technique it was on a flat surface so tonight I played with it with a spinning object.

As I mentioned at the halfway point I wanted to start incorporating in some Photoshop processed photos. This is the above photo with the following done to it. The background layer with the Dark Edges filter and another layer (copy of the background layer) using the Overlay blend mode. Wanted to see what I could maybe do with the basic shot if I want to try and incorporate it into some other design. Came up with something resembling a floating least to me.

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