Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 190 of 365

I like to watch design shows, be it cooking, clothing, interior, exterior, and just about anything else where someone is being creative. I think I like watching the process people go through while coming up with their creation. I was watching one of the many interior design shows the other day and they were shopping for artwork for the new living room. Something about these shows I've noticed...they pick art that always makes me go, "really? it's just white lines on a black background" or "it's just a rectangle canvas split in thirds with three different colors". So I was intrigued. Could I come up with photography that looks painterly?

This is 4 pieces of different colored and textured yarn that I twirled with a 6 sec open shutter. Lighting from a string of Christmas lights from below. One of the pieces of yarn was very feathery so it gave a paint brush like stroke of motion which was cool to see once I downloaded the shots. I'm almost tempted to drag my computer (in lieu of buying a laptop) out into the garage one of these days and shot tethered so I can see what I'm doing on the monitor. The little screen on the back of the camera just doesn't show you enough.

So...any thoughts? I know my style is kind of going in a severe direction from what I've noticed from others doing 365 projects.
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