Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 206 of 365

Jessica of Quotidian Photography (check it out if you enjoy photo projects...she has a very nice one going on) ask me the following questions in yesterdays comments. I thought I'd answer her questions as part of today's post in case others had the same questions.
Why did you choose portrait, when landscape would have allowed us to see more pins? Also, the light is only on the front pins, and I would like to be able to see more of the pins in back. Did you light like that on purpose?
To be honest I choose portrait for yesterdays photo because I didn't like any of my landscape shots. I was having a hard time lighting the pins because I stuck them in a white poster board so the light was reflecting quite a bit of light. The back pins are actually a reflection off a piece of clear plexiglas I stood up behind the pins. I was shooting for a reflection to give it more depth but it ended up being too dark to really show this.

My lighting style, if you can call it that, tends to run dark, especially while working in my little space in the garage. This stems from my own personal preference, which is I enjoy darker images, and working with what I have. I recognize that this may not appeal to everyone but it's where I am with my learning.

Hope I answered your questions Jessica. Anyone who checks my site out...please feel free to ask questions like this. I tend to just shoot and not really think about what I'm doing, listening to music helps me just kind of run with it and play without over thinking, so I may not have a good answer but I'll try regardless.

Today's shot is much like yesterdays but I did shoot landscape. I played a little more with the reflection idea but while playing with different lights, this time a string of Christmas lights, I ended up liking the way the reflection of the lights looked with the pins in the foreground.
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