Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 91 of 365

To crop or not to camera that is. I took one photo today and that was walking between classes this evening. Not sure I particularly like the shot but instead of going out into the garage and coming up with something better I thought I'd post this and see if I can figure out what could be better...if anything.

To get it all in I would have had to stand further back, was using my 50mm lens, and with that the lose of the finer details. I could have gone landscape but then the flower would be floating because the stem would have been cut off. If the flower was centered it would have been breaking the dreaded rule of thirds but then also cutting the edges off and that didn't seem appealing at all. What I probably should have done was having a framing card with me and see how it looked out of camera before putting my eye up to the camera.

If you don't know what a framing card is...check out this very helpful photography blog by Marc Silber. Heck if you do know what a framing card is...check out Marc's blog anyway.
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