Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 94 of 365

Today was kind of an eclectic day of photography. I went out to take some photos of my boots around campus and ended up taking photos at a water polo match and then found a war remembrance display honoring California servicemen and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. They aren't my boots but went with this one as I think it had the most impact personally out of all the photos I took. I'll probably post a few more on my Flickr tomorrow. Those I'll probably clean up a little...mostly cropping out buildings in the background and such.

Here are a few of the water polo match as well. I've been wanting to try photographing a sporting event for a while so it was nice to finally have it under my belt. A learned a few things. One is I'll shoot jpeg instead of RAW next time. RAW files load a bit too slow to get good continuous bursts. The other oddity that I think was due to the angle I was shooting at and the fact the sport is played in a swimming pool is the horizon line is constantly skewed. Everything is level but because of the sides of the pool angling away it looks off. I chalk that up to circumstances beyond my control. I posted a few other shots on my Flickr if your interested.

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