Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 108 of 365

Took a walk today in an area just behind where I live. We've lived near this area for 8 years now and until just recently had never explored the area. Living on an old Army base there are acres of land that were at one time training grounds. Big areas with nothing but trails, dirt roads, trees, grass, flowers and all the things that go with them. Last time I went back there I only took my 50mm lens and wished I had my 70-300mm instead. Today I took the 70-300mm and was really glad I did. As you can see I came across a hawk. Unfortunately I was only able to get about 5o yards from it before it flew off.

This little California Towhee, figured out what it was by finding the Monterey County Bird List website, was much more photogenic. I initially saw it from the shadow side so slowly moved around it so the sun was to my back and was able to get much closer. It just sat there posing for me and as I turned to walk away it flew off.

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