Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 92 of 365

Was driving home this evening and noticed two large military jets flying overhead and thought of a photo I just saw earlier in the day posted to Flickr by Tafari, who is a wonderful photographer and someone to check out. So a couple of things. Not sure why but the photo looks really pixelated online while not so much in Photoshop. Another thing is I noticed a large spot on the photo, which would indicate I probably should take the camera in for a sensor cleaning. Mostly I find the shot completely uninteresting, which is disappointing because it looked so much better in the sky. Might work better if I could have gotten more of the trail. This is the beauty of my project...I want to play a little and test my limits both creatively and equipment wise. Some things may work and others not so much.

I've also had the priveledge of Jason Anderson of Canon Blogger asking me to participate in his weekly "Thursday Thoughts" series. Jason is just another guy like all of us that has gone just a step further in his passion for photography by having a photography related blog and a podcast. Check his site out and read a little about me.

Thursday Thoughts with...Rob Weiher on Canon Blogger
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