Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 73 of 365

I wanted to try a little light painting today and used my old baseball mitt and softball. The setup is the mitt on black fabric which extends as the background. The camera settings were 50mm (my 50mm prime), f/3.2 and shutter speed of 10 seconds. I turned off all the lights and while the shutter was open used a small flashlight to paint in some light. I stood about 3 feet away so the light was a bit more diffused from the distance. I think this technique will be useful in the future and want to definitely play around with it more. This was more of a test to see if I could just get it to work.

While sitting around today I had a chance to read some of the latest Rangefinder magazine and came across an article that I really enjoyed. The article was about Fred Skupenski, who does black and white abstracts. If you click on the magazine link the article can be downloaded as a .pdf. The full article is Fred Skupenski: Tracks by Peter Skinner. The article really spoke to's one of the pearls of wisdom (as noted in the article) ‘If you look at it long enough and the right way, it will tell how it wants to be photographed.’
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