Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 78 of 365

I was wondering earlier if I could figure out how to incorporate smoke with an object and light it correctly. About as challenging as I thought it would be. Either I had too much light, or too little, or the smoke was off center, or the smoke could be seen coming from well below the dragon, or, or, I said...lots of challenges.

The light on the body of the dragon actually came from a light I had under the covered table shining away but had enough of a reflection off the side wall that it gave a little light onto the body from the right. The flash came from above and to the left of the dragon. I softened and directed the light from the flash as much as possible with a homemade snoot made from cardboard and white cloth over the end to soften the light.

I really wanted to light it so the smoke looked like it was coming from the mouth. The incense was about 4 inches below so most of my shots showed smoke rising from well below. I didn't want a tight shot with only the head showing...wanted to show as much of the dragon as possible. So I tried the flash at different angles and distances and eventually got this one. There are a few others that have more smoke and with a little post work would probably look cool...those I may work with later and post to Flickr.

I just noticed a little white spot in the bottom left corner of the photo. That would be a small smudge of incense ash on the black fabric. Oops...
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