Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 67 of 365

If you are a new to my 365 Project you might be wondering why I have a pair of boots sitting on the tracks. Since I haven't posted a "boots" photo in a while I thought I might explain as I did back on Day 1.

I live on Ft. Ord, an old Army base decommissioned back in 1992 and now a college campus. There are several old military buildings still standing so I decided my theme, initially, would be taking advantage of the setting. I served in the Army for several years and while I don't really think about it all that much these days the concept of using my old Jungle Boots as a prop intrigued me. My daily shots for now will be my concept shots for a larger project I'm brainstorming.

As I got interested in other styles my boots came out less and less. Believe it or not but there are people who actually enjoy them so I'm hoping to bring them out at least once a week. With daylight savings giving me extra sunlight to work with that will be easier to do.

Aside from my photo I had a funny "wish I had my camera in hand right this very moment" moment. I stopped to put gas in my car today and in the pump in front of me there were two guys with their Harleys. They were decked out in their leathers and had the Sam Elliot facial hair and scruff going. They looked like they were taking a short break and were chatting and as I went to get back in the car I noticed one of them eating a Dove Bar. Not that someone who rides a Harley shouldn't eat Dove Bars but it was just one of those moments.
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