Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 181 of 365

My wife likes to make dream boards and there were several on the wall in the garage, which had previously been her art room. I was looking for something to photograph tonight and thought about the zoom with shutter open technique, I'm sure there's a more formal name but that works for me.

How does the technique work? I set my shutter speed to 4 seconds (after checking the amount of light I'd need) and using my 70-300mm lens I zoomed into the area I wanted to make the focus, in this case the word reality, and set the manual focus at that point. Using my cable release and with my other hand on the lens zoom I pressed the shutter release and waited a second. After the second, which was a fast one thousand one, I started to zoom back out, which created the zoom trails.

I think you all may see some more of these over the next few days. I really want to explore this technique.
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