Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 153 of 365

I wasn't expecting this kind of color display when I grabbed a bottle of bubbles and was playing around. I originally wanted to try and just have my mouth showing blowing through the wand with bubbles but found that a bit difficult to setup. So I tried to just have bubbles but the wand and my fingers were in the shot. I gave up but after downloading to my computer I think I like the wand and just a bit of my fingers in the shot. It lets you know what it is...without them the bubbles may just look like light swirls.

I shot this against a black background, which was about 2 feet behind where I was sitting. I had one work light near the back wall to the right of the photo shining into the area the bubbles would be and another work light directly to the left shining straight across towards me.
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