Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 157 of 365

So I've been at this project for a little over 5 months and have had a few points where I felt like I was tapped creatively and was just doing the same thing over and over. Well I entered another low point and in an attempt to push through it I'm just doing whatever wacky thing enters into my head.

Doing the same thing over and over isn't a bad thing. Repetition is good as it reinforces the skill and makes it second nature. I guess I'm looking at it more as this 365 straight days of photography as a way for me to discover what photography style is my favorite and to form my own style.

So far I've tried landscape and found it uninspiring. Not uninspiring to look at...some of my favorite photography is of landscapes. I just didn't feel inspired to do it myself. I've done flowers to death and I'm sure will continue to do them but will continue to find new ways to photograph them. Reverse macro has been fun but I wonder if there's other techniques I haven't discovered yet? I haven't really done portrait and I find it a bit overwhelming. I've read the websites and the books and there all these things you should do and things you shouldn't do, equipment and lighting needs, multiple lights, single light, natural light, strobe this, strobe that, soft boxes...argh...just so much more than I really want to deal with. I live by the following mantra...Keep It Simple...Stupid! (or KISS). When someone comes up with a simple way to do portraits let me know.

Enough of my ranting...
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