Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 172 of 365

I've been meaning to post a list of fellow 365 project participates and other photography blogs I follow for a while now but just never got around to it. Today I will finally get around to it. Since finally get around to setting up Google Reader so I can follow blogs it has been so much easier.

Here is my list of photography blogs I check often (most are 365 projects but there are other sites here worth checking as well). The list is made up of those of you nice enough to visit me and leave a comment and I followed back or from people I've met on Twitter. I think I've listed all provide me with valuable feedback and inspiration and I enjoy following along with your projects as well so thank you :)

365 Photos in 2009 by Julie
A Creek in the Back by Karen
A Walk Through Durham Township by Kathleen Connally
Andy C - Project 365 by Andy
Annoyingly Boring? by PG
Bingdella 365 by J.
Borrowing the Light by Julie
Cel's Project 365 by Celina
Craig's Random Ramblings by Craig
Danudins 2009 - 365 Challenge by Ron
Digital Detours by Becky
Fort Ephemera by Michael
Hope and Feathers by bberburb
Ilan Bresler Photography
Jo's Blog by Jo
Joricel Photography by Joey
K Jordan Images by Karen
My Photo Hobby by Izabela
Nancypics by Nancy
Nikon Princess by Credd
Pete's Blog by Peter
Pic A Day by Linda
Quotidian Photography by Jessica
Ron Durbin Photography
Seeded Earth by Bo
SLF Photography by Sharon
Stephen Ip Photography
Will King Photography
The Windy Pixel

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