Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 169 of 365

Went to my first ever Tweetup this evening. These are all (except for a few) people from the Monterey area that are on Twitter, a social networking platform. It was nice meeting people with some similar interests. This was towards the end of the evening and a few people had already left. Only 2 people were locals...the rest of us are transplants to the area, which is telling because locals seem to be less likely to do this sort of thing. At least from my experience...Monterey is just really odd.

I didn't intend on using the group photo as my daily but as I was looking at it I realized a few things. It was getting dark so there wasn't a lot of natural sunlight left in the cafe we were at and the interior lights were fairly low. I upped my ISO to 400 but left my aperture at 1.8 and shutter speed at 1/80 sec. Because of the f/1.8 a few people aren't quite in focus and I knew this from other occasions and didn't remember. Unless I upped my ISO even further I don't think I could have gotten a much higher f/stop so it was in better focus.
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