Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 298 of 365

Day 298 of 365, originally uploaded by Rob Weiher.

Today I was reminded why you bring your camera with you everywhere you go. If possible anyway. My wife and I went out to run some errand around midday and on our way home we drove through the downtown part of Monterey and it was completely fogged in. Not that that doesn't happen regularly but not usually at midday. The part that got me wishing for my camera was this lake that people were riding around in the very touristy foot paddle boats. There were a number of them on the lake and it was completely covered in fog but with midday sun giving it a completely ethereal appearance. I knew it would be gone by the time I got home and grabbed my camera and drove back out there and I was right. So from now on my camera will be with me at all times, like it used to be but I've gotten away from for some reason lately.
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