Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 296 of 365

Day 296 of 365, originally uploaded by Rob Weiher.

I was determined to photograph some steam. To do so I made as much steam as I could possibly make while not overlighting the scene. There was a lot more steam than what I seen in the shot. Just glad I can finally move on since it has been bugging me the last couple of days.

I had the cup up on a very thick old dictionary with black fabric on it. I wanted to raise it so I could put a couple of mirrors to either side of the cup and shine some light back up into the scene because my main light was directly above. I tried backlight, or rather back and off to the side, but it gave more light than I wanted. I could have tried to diffuse it I guess but didn't have time to figure out the best way to do so.
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