Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 140 of 365

The Gerbera daisies had one last photo shoot left in them. Misted them down with some water and played around with the reverse macro again this evening. Tomorrow I think I'll unfocus a little and do something different. I think I have lots more to learn so don't want to spend all my time doing will always be here :)

I want to highlight one of my daily blog reads tonight. I talked it up a while back when he interviewed me but I'll do so again tonight because not only is he a valuable member of our community but he puts a lot into providing us photographers with information via his website and podcast. Recently he announced a photography contest with a prize provided by Adobe. The prize is a copy of Lightroom 2. Check out the Canon Blogger website for more information about the contest and where to submit your entry. I believe the only rule is the photo be processed in Lightroom, which you can download as a 30 day free trial from Adobe. I plan on entering but I've not found a photo I feel is good enough to win...that will be my goal the next week or so :)
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