Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 132 of 365

Wasn't able to get outside today to do some work with natural lighting so this evening I grabbed the Gerbera daisies and decided to work with them again before they wilt away. After doing some regular shots and feeling like these types of flowers just need to be shot out in the sunlight...dark room and unnatural light just made them seem depressing. Since I still needed to come up with something I was happy with I decided to play with reverse lens macro technique again.

Last time I held my 18-55mm lens against my 50mm 1.8 and found that a bit difficult with trying to get the right distance between lens and subject so it is in focus. If you've never done with before...you focus by increasing or decreasing the distance between your subject and the end of the lens. Bit difficult if you're holding the lens together. So tonight I grabbed some scotch tape since I figured it wouldn't leave residue like packing tape would. I taped my reversed 50mm onto my 70-300mm lens. I left the 70-300 at 70mm instead of switching to the 200-300mm macro range and may try that eventually. Not sure what to expect with a 200mm and reversed 50mm setup...may be so abstract you can't tell what it is you're looking at. At least with this shot you can tell it's part of a flower.
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