Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 121 of 365

A rainy day here on the California central coast so thought I'd revisit macro raindrops. Because it was so rainy I decided I better cover my camera. I haven't tried working with a plastic bag cover before so it was a bit awkward but mostly in the manual focusing department. Because I was working with my 70-300mm macro lens at 300mm which has a f/stop of 5.6 minimum I upped my ISO to 400. This gave me around 1/200 to 1/300 of a second shutter speed which I was hoping would give me enough time to get a steady shot. This shot is a little more out of focus than I was hoping for the thankfully the in focus part has the best raindrops so I will call this shot a happy accident.

I think it is to rain the entire weekend so I may explore this some more but somewhere with more interesting material than my backyard.
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