Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 131 of 365

At the graduation ceremony yesterday they gave away a bunch of orchids to anyone would could take them home, which meant locals as most everyone else flew in from around the country. My wife loves purple so was able to get one of the purple orchids. Today at lunch I decided to take a few photos of it against our copper color walls with natural light from a south facing window.

I liked this one out of the 20 or so shots I took the best. I enjoy the three stages of bloom. Unopened at the bottom, just opened in the middle background leading up to a mature bloom. I may try this shot again when I have more time because I think it would benefit from a little more of the full bloom in the frame. Not sure why I cropped it where I did. When I do some post work to it down the road I will most likely give the purple a bit of a color boost so they stand out more.
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