Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 136 of 365

Went for a hike this afternoon and took over 200 photos using the 2 lens reverse macro technique. I pretty much took a photo of everything I could get up close and personal with. Flowers, grass, weeds, bark, dirt, snail shell, bugs, you name it...I probably took a photo of it. What I think I like most about this technique is it's ability to look past what is visible to the eye and get into something more. Some of the things I took photos of would be considered ugly or completely overlooked if you were just taking normal nature photos. I don't particularly prescribe to the woowoo stuff...even as a massage therapist I tend to be very structural and don't dabble in the "energy body" stuff. I think I may be a bit opposite in my photography.

Here are a few others I took, instead of sending you to my Flickr, I'll post here.

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