Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 31 of 365

Today is the last day of January and the end of the first actual month of my 365 Project. I thought about trying to setup the perfect shot for the occasion but after sitting at the car dealer for a couple hours waiting for our car to get it's 10k service I haven't really felt like going out with the camera again today. I did take a few shots while sitting in the waiting room though. While there are lights, vents and sprinkler heads adding nothing to my shot, well adding nothing in my view, I liked the lines and angles. I've been finding myself looking up more often these days. I think we tend to either look straight ahead or down at the ground with or without our camera that we may be surprised by what we see above our normal line of sight.

Even though I'm a pretty observant person, military trained kind of observant, I'm finding myself becoming more open to observing shapes, shadows, lines and general composition in just about everything I look at. Unfortunately not everything translates well from eye to camera but with digital you can always just erase so experimenting doesn't hurt. The last month I experimented a little but mostly worked to understand how aperture and shutter speed relate to each other and what works best. I will continue working on my understanding but will also work to step further outside my comfort zone. I've attempted night, landscape, studio product shots and of course my boots around the old military base, what I've been avoiding is portrait so that will be my goal for February. Not that the whole month will be portrait, mostly that I will at least attempt it.
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