Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blackrapid strap

For Christmas my wife got me a Blackrapid RS-1 strap for my camera. Today was my first day using it in the field. I decided that playing around with it in the house didn't quite qualify for a review.

What I liked
  • Over the cross shoulder strap is really comfortable
  • It is easily adjustable
  • As advertised the camera slides easily from hip to shooting position and back again
  • Having my hands free to carry things was really nice
What I need to adjust too
  • The shoulder pad moves around a lot and constantly needs to be repositioned, especially with a light lens on the camera, less so with a heavy telephoto lens
I think the shoulder pad moving around will be less frequent as the strap gets worn in. It's brand new and a little stiff so my only knock on the strap is really just a small nit.

I would recommend this strap to anyone with a DSLR.
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