Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 26 of 365

For those of you that enjoy the boot photos I apologize. I fully intended on posting a photo of the boots that I took today but I went out to the beach after work and got there just in time to catch this guy setting up to do some paragliding. My only regret was not getting into a position to catch him silhouetted against the sunset.

As I was driving up I noticed a hang glider breaking down his glider and was kicking myself for not getting there a little sooner. Took a few pictures of him breaking it down and decided to take a few sunset photos for practice. I moved down from the parking lot and caught this guy in the photo arranging his paraglide and figured he was getting ready to put it away. He was actually trying to get it airborne so I took a few shots of that and then kept shooting as he ran up the hill and took off from the hang glider platform. He ended up moving up and over that hill and as I ran down to the beach I saw that he ran out of wind and was back on the beach. I didn't want to sit around waiting for him to trudge back and try again.

My goal now is to check out at the beach as often as possible and get some more shots of these guys. Maybe I'll try and chat with them and get some days and times they usually go out.
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