Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 16 of 365 - Mmmm...Coffee

Believe it or not but I didn't start drinking coffee until I met my wife just over 10 years ago...that means I went without for 31 or so years. In those 31 years I spent 8 in the Army and 4 in college, where I worked part time in a coffee shop. I would drink the occasional mocha but I made sure the taste of the espresso was clearly disguised with plenty of chocolate. Suffice it to say I have a thing for coffee these days.

When we moved from the Seattle area down to Monterey, CA we were in for a bit of a coffee shock. There was one corporate coffee place in the entire area just 7 years ago. There are several different ones now but amongst all those corporate shops there is a gem of a place hidden away that only the locals know about. I spent over 5 years yearning for my own little slice of coffee heaven, my own coffee spot much like Cheers, with people like Norm and Woody to talk sports, music and movies with. I found it when I was training a new person at my job who had a Resist Corporate Coffee sticker stuck to her cork board next to her desk. My coffee utopia was found...

So if you're ever in the Monterey area and you enjoy coffee check out Acme Coffee Roasting Co. It is my little home away from home in this crazy place.

You'll note that their cup fits well with my boot theme.
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