Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11 of 365 - Reflections

I went out to run some errands this morning and took all my gear with me and fully intended on taking a picture of the boots. That has been postponed until tomorrow when it's a little darker as I want to explore something I'm envisioning. Who knows if it will work but I figured I have 350+ days to figure out how to make it work right?

Got home from running the errands and told my wife that I'm just going to do more light box shots and she reminded me that I was going to do "sketches" on Sundays. Sigh...only a week into it and I've already forgotten.

I went ahead and did the light box shots as I intended. I have a couple new I mentioned a couple days ago I wanted to see how the watch would look with a reflection. I went to the local art store and bought a small sheet of Plexiglas and some small mirrors. I took about 140 photos today of the three different watches my coworker loaned me and some books my wife made in her Book Arts class she took a while back. Since I took so many pictures I really didn't know which one to post so mentioned it in Twitter and Lnorigb throw out #119 to use for my post. Thank you and what you see is #119. The rest of the watch photos will be going through some post processing so I can show to my coworker. If you're interested to see what else I did with the watches stay tuned to my Flickr. While I'm having fun with the photo a day project I also need to do some Photoshop work otherwise I'll get bored. :)

The reflection photo comes at a good time as I've had a few days to reflect on my progress. I think overall I'm doing well. I'm not shaking up the industry with my artistry but I'm learning something new each day and I'm learning from my mistakes...what more could I really ask for? This project has started to wake up the passion I knew I could have for this hobby and I'm meeting some really nice and helpful people on Flickr and Twitter.
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