Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 29 of 365

I took a few photos earlier in the day when I had to go across campus to pickup checks for the department but wasn't real excited about them. On the way back to the office I drove a way I hadn't gone in a while and noticed something I hadn't noticed before so made a mental note to check it out on my way home. After work I was headed back to the place I wanted to take more photos and spotted an old building that had some great sunset reflections shining in the broken windows and some cool shadows so I decided to head across the big empty parking lot to photograph it. Got there, got my camera out, got out of the car, walked over to the building...just as the sun went behind the trees and building was just another old building with a small amount of sunset glow across it. Not a big deal as I can always try again since I drive by it every day. Still got what I think is a decent photo out of it though. Got home and fully intended on using the old window photo but someone mentioned the Moon and Venus being close together in the sky so I went outside and spend the next half hour taking photos of them.

I find night photography to be a bit frustrating. Most likely because I've only tried it a couple times and just need to practice more. Because I was just outside my back door I took several and popped my card out of the camera and stepped back into the house and downloaded the photos. Looked at them in a slide show and looked at the setting of the few I thought were close to what I thought looked good. Went back outside and took some more with different settings. Did this three times and I think this is the best I got.

Now if you want to see some really good night photography, or just some plain beautiful all around work, check out my friend Michael over at his Flickr or his blog.
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