Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 217 of 365

Day 217 of 365
Originally uploaded by Rob Weiher

I know my recent photos aren't for everyone. When I started this project I assumed I'd be taking lots of photos of my boots (you'd have to go way back to January and February to see those) having an adventure around this old Army base I live on. I was all for it but the more photos I took the more my tastes started to change.

I started exploring how to use my camera in different ways. Why hold my camera steady for every shot? Why not zoom in or out while the shutter is open? Why not leave it out of focus? I'm sure these questions have been asked by others and I'm sure if I did some google searches I'd probably find other people out there doing it.

I've purposely avoided looking for others doing this type of work or to look for new ideas. I've enjoyed thinking up new ideas, as painful as it can be sometimes, but I feel more satisfied when I did something unique (in my mind) on my own.

Will I continue to do these dark and dreary photos? Probably not but I have learned a few things so it wasn't in vain.

What exactly is today's photo?

Colored Christmas lights under black silky fabric. My camera with 50mm f/1.8 lens on a tripod and it a little out of focus. I extended the tripod head up as high as it would go with the lights at the bottom of the frame and with a long exposure slowly lowered the tripod head down.

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