Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 35 of 365

I spent some time in the garage tonight after class playing with lighting. I used the same flowers I took my photo of the other day but wanted to work with a single flower and only a portion of that. I took several photos and really had a hard time picking just one so tonight is a bonus night. I'd go into great detail about how I got the lighting the way I did if I remembered exactly. I hand held a small canister light and moved it around the flower trying to just highlight certain areas of the petals and pressing my shutter release. I was surprised with the completely dark background on the three seen here. I believe I was holding the light straight down on the flower and with my exposure compensation set at -2 with a relatively fast shutter release I achieved this. I guess I need to document this better so I remember how I did it. Lesson learned.

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