Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 32 of 365

I took almost 100 photos today and had a hard time finding one I liked. I'm not even really sure I like this one but it's in focus, unlike a bunch of others I took, and it is what I intended. I wanted to frame the crane but I'm not sure if I should have tried to get the foreground foliage to be in focus instead of out of focus. I also really wanted to get that dang duck out of the shot it seems every time I pressed the shutter release it decided to dive underwater leaving it butt sticking up. It looks like it tilted a little as well...not sure if it's just the shadow creating the effect or not. I need to focus a little more on horizon lines...I get caught up on the subject and forget to make sure I'm looking at it level. So what do you think? Would the shot be better with in focus foreground or is the subject strong enough to pull it off as is?

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