Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 313 of 365

Day 313 of 365, originally uploaded by Rob Weiher.

I thought the clouds were kind of neat looking tonight so I snapped a few shots from my backyard. I didn't really do much to try and make an "artful" photograph as I was more interested in seeing what I could do with the images creatively. I took a few moments to see what I could come up with in Photoshop. I tend to be pretty quick in Photoshop when it comes to playing with my images. I have a few things I try and if they don't give me a feeling of "hmm...maybe I'll run with this concept" I tend to abort and move on. I figure if I can't come up with something fairly appealing in a few minutes, no amount of tinkering is going too.

So here are a few extra images to show you what I think a fairly normal image can look like with a few simple Photoshop adjustments.

The orange version is a color negative curves selection with a hard light layer adjustment on the curves layer.

This darker more abstract version is a duplicate background layer that I ran a sumi-e filter on. Next I applied a linear burn layer adjustment on the duplicate and lowered the opacity to 45%.

Two completely different images from the same base image. Two different feels for me. The orange is bright and cheery...something I might see printed rather large on the wall some place where you might want to invite a sense of calm. The opposite is true with my dark abstract. For me it reminds me of growing up in Washington State. A storm is brewing, the rains are coming, the floodgates are about the open. Doesn't mean I don't like the photo...I actually like it a little more than the bright and cheery version.
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