Monday, January 4, 2010

Just how many photos did I take?

When I first started my 365 Project I counted up my photos for the first two months but didn't do it after that. Well I was curious again so I dug through my entire 365 catalog. Here are the results.

Jan - 1009
Feb - 1041
Mar - 1419
Apr - 887
May - 1679
Jun - 1294
Jul - 2008
Aug - 2021
Sep - 1540
Oct - 871
Nov - 1236
Dec - 1045

Total = 16050
Avg by month = 1338
Avg by day = 44
Single day high = 311 (Scottish Games)
Single day low = 1 (a few times)

I'm now digging through all those photos and decide which are worth keeping and what ones to delete. There are lots of duplicates from making minor corrections to settings or lighting trying to get it to look just right. If I was to be so bold and guess how many actual decent photos (I may be able to use after some post processing work or in compositions) are in there I'd say around 10%. So of those roughly 1600 I'd probably say only another 10% are what I would consider good. Of those 160 probably another 10% are what I may consider excellent and worth putting on the wall. So that leaves 16 worth putting on the wall as is. Well maybe a little sharpening and selective cropping but not much else in my opinion.
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