Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 356 of 365

Day 356 of 365, originally uploaded by Rob Weiher.

Have you ever seen something again and again and tell yourself you need to photograph it but never get around to doing it? Well today I finally photographed something I've seen just about everyday for the past 6 months, since moving into a new building at work. There is a back stairwell down to the ground floor that has windows that don't completely fill the window frame, so there are gaps between the concrete bricks and the glass. When the sun hits the edges of the glass it creates a thin rainbow affect on the wall on all three floors. I've wanted to see how it would look photographed for quite some time. The added bonus is the crisscrossed wire frame created a shadow in the rainbow...I thought of it as a caged rainbow.

So I finally photographed it...don't much like it. Oh well...at least I can check it off my list.

Here's another photography resource I'd like to highlight today. PhotographyBB is a free online magazine (download as a .pdf) and has a nice community in it's forum. Here's a press release (link) that tells you far more about what they are about than I could do.
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