Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 341 of 365

Day 341 of 365, originally uploaded by Rob Weiher.
exposure: 4 sec, aperture: f/8.0, 50mm, ISO 100

It was an omg it's 11:30pm and I haven't taken my shot for today yet...oh look a Christmas tree.

One of my favorite photography blogs, Canon Blogger (you don't have to use Canon to appreciate it), posted about bokeh today so I thought I'd post a few of the above shot but in bokeh form. *Update since posting last night* These shots below are also blurred to create the bokeh...don't want anyone to think this was in focus. I like to play with focus when dealing with lights and bokeh.

exposure: 0.5 sec, aperture: f/8.0, 50mm, ISO 100

exposure: 1/10 sec, aperture: f/1.8, 50mm, ISO 100
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