Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nothing is permanent

nothing is permanent, originally uploaded by Rob Weiher.

An old piano a former student at the university bought and put out in the woods as a project and has stood for a number of years was recently destroyed. The piano wasn't just sitting there...he took it apart and put it back together around a tree so the tree was growing up out of the piano.

I had heard about the piano and had seen pictures of it and had wanted to search it out a number of times but never did, today I went in search of it only to find that it destroyed. This I'm pretty sure was a recent occurrence as a video made in November shows it intact.

 It really deflated me when I turned a corner and saw a pile of wood on the ground. I had been envisioning this piano in the tree for quite some time and was coming up with different ways to photograph it in my head. I guess what this has taught me is to not wait around and when you want to try something you better find a way to do it sooner than later. As the vandals (I'm assuming here) points out....nothing is permanent. 

Here's a video of the piano and an interview with the artist who came up with the idea. Wonder if he knows yet that someone destroyed it rather than it going back to the earth as he intended.

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