Sunday, March 21, 2010


reaching for the sun, originally uploaded by Rob Weiher.
I've been wanting to try doing more creative post work for a long time and have finally gotten around to playing with diptychs.

What is a diptych? It's a photograph that uses two different or identical images side by side to form one single artistic statement. The two images can literally be in contact with each other, or separated by a border or frame. It isn't limited to photographs and has been used for centuries in other art forms.

I have a few people I'm using as inspiration on these and have lots to learn. It's not limited to using the same scene or even colors. As you can see in the top image I just used two shots of the same scene. The one below I wanted to see how two different shots with the same basic theme (waterdrops) would look together. Not exactly sure how I feel about it yet.

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