Monday, January 3, 2011

Water in motion

Water in motion, originally uploaded by Rob Weiher.

Thanks for the Happy New Year wishes Ron and Jessica...hope you both had a Happy New Year and much fun and success in this new year. :)

I'm hoping 2011 will provide me with some inspiration to do more with my photography. After finishing my 2009 365 project I didn't do nearly as much photography in 2010 as I should have. I don't think I was nearly as burned out as I kept telling myself I was. I think it was more due to not really knowing what direction to go with my art. I found myself walking the same routes, seeing the same things, and got a bit set in my ways.

So my 2011 goal is to go to different places around the Monterey area that I may have thought weren't very photogenic before and see what I can find. I'm also going to try and work as much as I can out of my comfort zone with more street photography. I'm also going to try and meet with other photographers and do photo walks because you never know what you might learn from others. Speaking of which...thanks for the invite Jessica. I'll definitely contact you if I find myself in a position to head up to San Francisco in the near future. I wish Monterey was just a bit closer because I'd love to spend far more time there than I have in the 10 years we've lived here. I miss Seattle and San Francisco would fill in nicely I think.

So maybe this photo I'm posting should be...get my butt in motion in 2011.

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