Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Think outside the box

water reflection, originally uploaded by Rob Weiher.

I can't really pinpoint when I started seeing things differently during my 365 project. I just know that at some point things would catch my eye that I may have never noticed before. Shadows took on a different meaning. Reflections in water and glass made me stop and ponder the possibilities, Light and dark teased me. You get the drift...

I played it safe at first and spent hours reading blogs, magazines and books. Listened to several different podcasts and watched tutorial shows. All were great resources but I got so overloaded with information I would lock up when trying to take photos. So and so said to never do this...but that other guy said it's alright. Who was right? I got to the point where I had to stop with the information. This is when I really started to experiment. Not just experiment but take all those rules the "experts" say I have to adhere to and find out for myself if they really need to be followed. Never take photos during the middle of the day...sure the light can be harsh but so what. Work with it...own it...make it yours. Discover for yourself why these "rules" were created.

Maybe I can pinpoint when I started seeing things differently. It was when I decided I was only going to learn how to take a good photo when I started being true to my creative self. I've battled this over the last 2 years of being serious about photography. Having just recently decided that I'm going to take and post photos of thing I enjoy and not what I think others may find of interest.

As for the photo...any ideas on what it is? It has a mix of things that tend to attract my eye. Motion, light, reflection and the appearance of something other than what it actually is.

As always...thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

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