Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sometimes you just have to play...

wavy lines, originally uploaded by Rob Weiher.

It's been far to long since I went out into my garage and just played. What do I mean? Well...for me playing is trying to come up with new and interesting ways of making a piece of art using my camera. During my 365 project I started doing this to keep the project fresh.

Most of all my experiments had to do with long exposure and here's a list of things I experimented with.

- Smoke (used incense sticks) (several attempts but started around Day 61)
- Bubbles (blowing through the bubble wand) (Day 153)
- Christmas light strand and movement (Day 180)
- Objects in motion (Day 188 & 189)
- Twirling different colored thread (Day 190 & 191)
- Stringing different colored thread into a wooden hoop to make a pinwheel pattern and moved it in various ways for different patterns (Day 193)
- Several objects in motion (Day 200 - 203)
- Colorful pins stuck in a piece of black foam board and twirled (Day 208 & 209)
- Christmas lights and reflective surfaces (not long exposure) (Day 218, 270 & 271)

My latest attempt at playing was with fishing line. I strung two piece of line in a X with some slack and with my shutter open moved the lines to see what kind of effects I could get. Doing these kinds of things always seem to help me me through those time when I feel like I'm tapped creatively.

What do you do when you feel tapped?

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