Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 244 of 365

Day 244 of 365, originally uploaded by Rob Weiher.

The moon...

I came across an article Scott Bourne of Photofocus wrote today, titled A Few Thoughts on Photographic Styles, that really came at a good time for me. Since the beginning of this 365 project I've been trying to identify just what style I was interested in and had the most fun doing. I enjoy looking at landscape photos but don't particularly enjoy taking them. I don't have a particular interest in portrait so rarely do them. Sports...meh. Food I want to do more of. Still life is interesting but I have yet to push my boundaries on it. I'd like to play more with building more elaborate still life setups instead of just doing one or two items. Macro and abstract, or the combination of the two has been really calling to me. The one thing that has held me back the most on exploring it fully is the sense that I'm alone in my fascination of this style. I can understand why...I know people love flowers and other common things so something not easily explained away can be ignored.

The article I linked to has informed me that I need to explore, or shoot for the moon (too tie in my boring moon shot) and not worry if other people get my work or even enjoy it. I need to be true to me and my artistic vision. Until I allow myself this freedom I'm never going to fully evolve into the photographer I want to be.

I would encourage all of you to read the article written by Scott Bourne if you don't already visit Photofocus. I'd encourage reading it everyday as Scott and another great photographer and teacher, Rick Sammon, are a real asset to our community. If you listen to podcasts I'd also recommend the Photofocus podcast, which you can find links to on the site.
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